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About Us


The Club

The Violators Motorcycle Club (VMC) is an Emirates based Motorcycle club whose members typically ride V-Twin engines who stand for brotherhood, loyalty, respect and good company. VMC also provides services to the Motorcycle community such as a full equipped garage (VMC Garage) and an online shop for accessaries and parts.

The Founders (1st Six)

The club was founded in (10/10/2020) by the current president of the club Ben. The first six members who joined and founded the club was:

  • Ben (President)

  • RM (Vice President)

  • NSR (Sergeant)

  • MAT (Road Captin)

  • FHD (Club Secretary)

  • F5R (Treasury)

The Garage

VMC Garage is a motorcycle shop located in Dubai. The shop offers top of the line work, original parts and quality accessaries, fast and efficient work. Our mechanics are highly trained professionals certified from Harley Davidson. Whether it was a problem you are facing with your bike, looking for a performance upgrade or a dream customization job you have in mind, we are ready to achieve. 

New Joiners

For a lifetime membership of loyalty and brotherhood, the new joiners (Prospects) must go through different stages and probation period to be come a (Full Color Member). The new joiner starts off with hanging around with the members. The second stage the new joiner will receive a Prospect patches and be in a probation period for a certain time. After the probation period when the member shows dedication, loyalty and respect, he then will be voted by the Board Members to become a full color member. For more info use the below contact us form.

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